Pineapple Crush

I’m definitely crushing on these pineapple blocks. The bright oranges, golds and greens just make me happy.

So I have some decisions to make because I only made 12 blocks (that wasn’t the initial plan, but stuff happens). I have a wall unit in my living room that BigJ built, and he specifically designed a space for quilts. Here’s a photo from an earlier post.

Pineapple Crush - wall unit quilt display - 2017

I currently have a mini wall hanging from eight of the pineapple blocks.

Pineapple Crush - Mini quilt - 2017

The quilt at this point measures a wonky 26.5″ x 38.5″ because of the long skinny blocks. I could add a border, but that might make it too long for the space. I may just add two more blocks to the end of each row so there will be 5 blocks across rather than 4. First I need to have BigJ hold it up so I can see if the current length will work in the space. I think it will, but it will be close!

Then I’ll need to make some decisions on how to quilt it. If you have some fun ideas, feel free to share. Just keep in mind I’m still working with my walking foot and haven’t ventured much into free motion quilting yet!

So let me try to give you a little idea of how these blocks go together. The patterns appeal to me because they have a bit of an improv feel. The construction is a bit like a modified stack and whack. Modified because rather than just slicing, rotating, and sewing, there is an actual pattern and method to how you do it.

Sewing the blocks together is a bit like traditional piecing, but also like improv because you don’t match seams. It’s also not unusual to have to lop off a point as you go, and that takes some getting used to. The block construction is very forgiving because you construct and then square it. I find that very relaxing.

Another part of the construction I enjoy is not really knowing which fabrics are going to be together until I begin working on the block. I know what fabrics I have in the mix, but after rotating them I don’t look at them until it’s their turn to be sewn together. It also keeps me from trying to be too matchy!

This will be my fifth Buggy Barn quilt that I’ve made. Two have been given away; two others are in my UFO pile. We can talk about that another time. Haha. (Hint: it has nothing to do with the patterns and everything to do with my procrastination.) I am determined to finish this one.

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25 thoughts on “Pineapple Crush”

  1. What a cool space to hang/showcase your quilts in your home! This little pineapple quilt will look great hanging there. I think if you add the two more blocks it will make it a perfect size for the space.

  2. I love that you are going to put the pineapples in that space, it’s gonna change the whole look of the room with those brighter colors! I think you should highlight the triangles in the pineapple by following the tri’s like a Greek key sort of thingy.

  3. Oh, they look so great all together! Two more will add to the party, if they fit πŸ™‚

    Because of all the fun, wonky angles, I think simple horizontal wavy lines would work really well. That’s easy to do with the walking foot if you keep the waves really soft. You could alternate orange and green threads, or keep to mostly orange thread in the “bodies” and mostly green in the “tops.”

    This piece will look so great in your special quilt niche!

  4. I really like your improv pineapples, much better than other pineapple designs I’ve seen, these are so fun. It’s no good asking me about quilting though, I’m hopeless.

  5. OK…here’s what I would do, but remember, I LIKE wonky! I would add a border to just the right or left…but not both. Maybe about the width of 1 of the pineapple blocks in a solid color. Then, when quilting, I would satin stitch over some simple letters that would spell out a word…maybe “PINEAPPLE”, for instance, but the letters would read from top to bottom (vertically). The satin stitch will look like simple block lettering and will actually quilt all the layers together in the border, so no need to quilt in that area at all. Then stitch in the ditch around each block and maybe stitch around all the triangles as well…

  6. The process used for making these pineapples sounds right up my alley. Not being a very precise quilter, I love construction that is forgiving.
    It looks like adding width to the mini will make it just perfect for the spot on the wall. What a nice way to display small quilts. πŸ™‚

  7. oooh, I love this quilt and it’s going to look sweet hanging up in that special spot. I do like the idea of matchstick quilting that Nancy suggested. I love the pattern and may I ask if it is from one of their books or a separate pattern.

  8. I love the interplay of the light and dark colors, and especially, that light pineapple out of the flowered fabric. That looks to me like the pattern on a pineapple skin.
    I like Mary Ann Hertel’s idea of a side border on one side — maybe it could say “Welcome”.
    I also thought of adding some simple circles on a circle shape at the bottom, to be a pineapple upside-down cake — but I think that would make it the wrong size for your niche, and eesh, piecing circles. I don’t think that would be easy. But cute! πŸ™‚

  9. I like the suggestion for a border on only one side with a word on it. I would use a facing, not a binding.. I like the casual edges with some points cut off.

  10. These blocks are adorable! I love the wonky and improv nature. For quilting, I’d probably use a yellow thread that matches well, and do slightly wavy lines down the vertical lines of the quilt. I think the random look of the wavy lines will complement the improv nature well. But whatever you do, it’ll look stunning!

  11. I often add what I need to make it fit – more on the width and less on the length. I was thinking wonky pineapple as quilting too maybe two or three huge ones? So kind of mimicking the block design in the quilt? A fair amount of starting and stopping but it is wonky and maybe pretty forgiving?

  12. I’ve made two Buggy Barn quilts, and they are fabulous! Just about time to put my Stars in Hearts Christmassy one on my bed. Terrific wall unit, so thoughtful that your husband built. πŸ™‚

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