WIP Wednesday

My work-in-progress this week has hit a stall, but for good reasons. We have been apartment hunting for my daughter — with success! The remainder of August will be a busy one, getting her moved and settled.

So I’m still working on my Mt. Hood quilt and I haven’t gotten any further on it than I was last week. I need to get the first inner border on it — I’ve been thinking about that and what fabric would work. My goal for this quilt is to do it all from my stash. I’m hoping I have a piece of fabric that will work for the borders, both the inner and the final outer border. Between the two borders will be a row of hourglass blocks.


The pattern is by Pat Speth from her Nickel Quilts book. It’s an easy quilt to make and a great quilt pattern if you’re looking to use up some of your scraps. All of the blocks in the book are made from 5″ squares (that’s why they’re called nickel quilts).

Remember that wedding quilt I made? It was given to the newlyweds last night, and they loved it.

My 6’6″ husband is really stretching to hold this quilt for me.

Today calls for shopping with my daughter to prepare for the move. I’m looking forward to spending the day with her. I hope to sneak in some quilting in the next couple of days, however.

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10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday”

  1. Hi, Wendy! Your Mt. Hood quilt is so pretty, and I can’t wait to see it with the borders! And your wedding quilt is perfect. Congrats to your daughter on finding an apartment, and good luck with the move!

    1. Thanks, Kathi! It is fun seeing them launch into the world. I’m looking forward to having some time with her today.

  2. Mount Hood is looking great, and the recipients of the wedding quilt are so lucky – such a beauty! Thank you for sharing the eye candy on Midweek Makers!

  3. I believe I have that quilt book you mention, I need to remember to look at it again, my problems with books are I look at them and they go on the shelf and I no longer remember what book had what – I really need to get a stack out occasionally and put on the bedside table and look them over every evening instead of reading a chapter or so in a novel like I do now

    1. I do the same thing, Karen. Along with tackling my stash of scraps, I need to start making some of those patterns in those books I bought. Mount Hood is a start!

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