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Cool Tool Monday is a week late, but I promised you, so here it is! Today I want to share a couple cool little tools I found while I was at the Minnesota Quilt Show.

I recently decided to try English Paper Piecing. I have a sampler pack from my local quilt store. It’s a great way to decide if I like EPP without committing to a whole project. So I’ve been doing some reading, watching videos, etc. as I learn.

At the Minnesota Quilt Show, one of the vendors was Traditional Primitives. Missie’s quilts were beautiful, a blend of EPP and traditional piecing. Two little tools in her booth caught my eye.

Cool Tool Monday - EPP tools -
Finger Stiletto, upper right; starch brush, upper left.

The first is the little finger stiletto. You’ll find other finger stilettos if you search for them, but I like this one. It’s adjustable to my finger, and it’s shorter and easier to control. Take a look at this video by Missie; she’ll show you how to use this cool tool.

I’m pretty sure I’ll find this stiletto useful for other quilt projects as well. For example, I can place it on my finger and use it like a regular stiletto to feed my fabric under the foot of the sewing machine as I sew.

I think it will also be handy when I want to open my seams up to press them; sometimes I can’t get those two little seams apart with my fingers. I think the stiletto will help as well as protect my finger from getting burned while I press.

The other cool tool is the starch brush. I haven’t used it yet, but I do like the starch method idea for EPP as well as needle turn appliqué. Watch Missie’s video showing how she uses the brush and her starch method.

She doesn’t show you how to load the brush on the video. After separating the brush so that you have the wand to load with starch, you simply point the nozzle of the spray starch into the wand and gently spray in the starch. It will foam a bit but it will settle down to liquid. Put the brush end back on and you are ready to use the brush.

So that’s the two Cool Tools for this Monday. What other tools would you like me to review? I’d love to hear!

I’m linking up today to Main Crush Monday with Beth at Cooking Up Quilts.

(By the way, I’m not affiliated with Missie or Traditional Primitives.)


11 thoughts on “Cool Tool Monday”

  1. I have a whole box full of hexies I have EPP, and I love them. Not sure what I’ll do with them, as the stitching them together part is something I haven’t practiced yet. It’s so relaxing to have a hand project nearby, and it’s easy to take on road trips. I hope you enjoy EPP!

    1. I believe it’s aluminum. It’s not plastic. It holds up well under the heat of an iron. It works really slick with those Clover mini irons!

  2. Is it just me but I tried to see the videos but couldn’t, I’m very interested seeing that I do a lot of EPP. I think you’re going to like EPP–great for taking on the road.

    1. Sorry you weren’t able to see the videos, Rose. I’ve sent the links to you via email.

  3. I will need to check them both out and see what they are. I did see the starch tool at a show last year but I really wasn’t watching it closely as I have a little plastic container I put starch in and I use a stencil brush so didn’t need it as half the time I forget I have the stencil brush and don’t use it! for me it would be one more thing I buy and don’t use

  4. Nice tools! I have thought about the finger stiletto but hadn’t purchase one yet – on my list of things to buy! I’ll watch the videos a little later – gotta finish my block/instructions for the QAL

  5. I’m a big fan of English paper piecing. It’s always good to have something portable.
    I was interested in the tools but I’m not sure whether I’d use them.

  6. I am also a huge fan of English paper piecing! It’s so relaxing and beautiful! Alex Anderson’s 4 in 1 tool is amazing! It’s a seam ripper, stiletto, finger presser and point turner in one! Plus…it’s so pretty! Thank you for sharing!

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