Wonky Block Wednesday

I didn’t get anything posted on Monday because I was busy helping my daughter move from one city to another. It all went well, despite the rain. We managed to get things moved between rain showers.

During one of my visits to her earlier this year, we were shopping at one of the antique shops in town. This particular shop had quite a few orphan quilt blocks, so I was preoccupied for quite awhile. I don’t usually buy things like this, so I don’t feel that I have a good eye for them. They were piled in a small plastic shelf system, about 4-5 shelves of all types of handwork.

I found these blocks and was very tempted to purchase them. I didn’t and I regretted that. So I finally had my daughter go back to the shop and pick them up for me before she moved.

Here they are, randomly laid out on the floor. I wanted to see all of them together. I love the colors, they are very bright and bold. Most of the blocks are two color, one center block color, one background. Then there my favorites, especially the one on the bottom right, by the table leg. Random background, random center. It’s almost the signature block of the bunch, I think. The mixed blocks add a bit of feisty flare, don’t you think?

Initially I thought the blocks were made from a poly blend, but they are all cotton. I had my iron on the highest heat when I pressed them (after taking this picture) and they handled the heat just fine.

They are hand pieced and about 10″ square-ish. They are really wonky; some of the background pieces are pretty wavy. No matter. I’ll figure something out as I square them, etc. I would love to hear the story behind these blocks. Were they made by a beginner who lost interest? By a grandma who just stitched blocks together and who just “made do” with what she had? At any rate, they are my blocks now, as a friend reminded me. I can give them a story.

I won’t be working with these right away. They are just going to live in my quilt room for a bit. While I’m working on my other projects, I’ll ponder how to square them, etc.

Max the cat thought he would put his spin on the quilt layout. Silly cat.

Today I’ll be working on the commission quilt blocks. I need to get caught up a bit since I’ve been gone a couple of days.

So that’s my midweek crush; just enjoying some orphan blocks that have found a new home!



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